Labor law requires you to notify the employer that you quit, at least 14 days. This must be done not only verbally but in writing, to the dismissal actually took place. For those two weeks that you work, your employer needs to find a new employee and enter it in.
The letter of resignation should be written to the General Director of the company in which you work. If you work in a fairly large office, you might not even see the head of the organization, as the statement will be signed by your immediate supervisor. Only the signed statement will be effective, it can be found in the personnel Department.
A 14-day period, which you advance warning of the employer, beginning on the day after you officially notified the supervisor on intent to quit. The labor code provides for the possibility that you will change your mind to leave, in this case, you just need to withdraw the statement. However, there is a caveat – if your post has already invited the new worker and with him concluded a written agreement, you are obliged to release him.
The order according to which you will be fired from this job, be prepared just before your last working day in this company. In the final labour day, the employer is obliged to give you a work book, and to pay all money owed to you: salary, compensation for holiday and premium, if any, are the place to be.
Some circumstances can expedite your dismissal. You can simply negotiate with the employer, and if he has no quarrel with you, you will be able to start working in another place much earlier. If you go to College or retirement is, in short, have a good reason, the employer will be obliged to let you go. If you were on probation, the period of mining will be reduced from 14 days to 3. In addition, if the employer has not complied with the terms of the employment contract, you can quit at any time.