Remember to write the application on dismissal at own will need, no later than two weeks prior to leaving work. According to Russian law, the employee is required to work within two weeks to complete the case and give the job to the person who will replace him on it. In this period shall be paid regular salary, and the employee, if not willing to bother to make time for that next holiday with the subsequent dismissal.
The application on dismissal at own will written by hand on plain paper. In the upper right part indicate the position and name of the person who sent the document, for example, "General Director of OOO "Stroysnab" Ivanov Semyon Petrovich" (on one line, it is desirable to have not more than 2-3 words). Below, write "from..." and add your position and name in the genitive (for example, the chief engineer Petrov Ivan Anatolyevich).
Step back a little bit down and on the center line write "Statement". A special procedure of writing an application for exemption not provided by the legislation, but it has been developed over the years, the style that should be followed. Usually the main text as follows: "I Ask to dismiss me at own will from his me office." Optionally, you can add the job title and desired date of termination. In addition, you can add additional details like "without testing" (in accordance with the exceptions set out in the legislation).
Completing the writing of the statement on dismissal at own will, in the lower left corner of the sheet write the date of submission of the document for consideration (day, month, year). Opposite the date in the right part of the sheet put a personal signature. It now only remains to give the form to the guidance in lined with organization order. For example, if your company has office or the Secretariat, pass the paper to them. In the absence of special departments send a document to the person to whom it is addressed personally.