You will need
  • - a letter of resignation at own will;
  • - a document proving the urgency of dismissal;
  • - an agreement (oral or written) with the head.
If you cannot continue to perform their functions in the workplace, the employer is obliged to sign a statement about the dismissal within the time specified by the employee. Of course, you must provide a clear explanation atthe rank for which you are not able to fulfill the required two weeks. These include: enrolment in an educational institution, Express transfer, retirement, etc.
A priesthood leader may ask a documented need for urgent dismissal. Provide himwithmeasures, a decree on admission to the University or purchased tickets. Often this is enough without obstacles to leave "one day". Can also use the remaining vacation days to reduce working out period.
Dismissal without mandatory testing in two weeks is possible when the breach by the employer of the employment contract or regulations. But these violations must be installed with the help of "a third party". They can be the Union, the Commission on labour disputes, court.
There is also testing in three days. This means that the employer should be alerted a staff member about wanting to retire after this term. First and foremost, these are suitable for employees who are probationary (part 4 of article 71 of the labour code), and employees who have entered into a contract for up to 2 months, and engaged in seasonal work.
In the case when you need to quit, but no official documents you can not provide, agree with the employer personally. It is easier to reach a compromise, if you have neutral or good relations. In some companies, whenvoetstoets offer "replacement" - the person who can instead of you immediately whenstepping out to work. Mostly the leaders are going to meet and is a two-week tryout may ask you to stay for a week or three days (three days is usually prepared all the documents for dismissal).