If a man looks you straight in the eye, so he's more than determined towards you. If you are willing to reciprocate, try to make eye contact.
Crazy feeling of love is always associated with erotic attraction. So, most likely, not indifferent to you man to show overt interest in you. It's not about the vulgar harassment, and involuntary gestures, outstanding desire. These include widely spaced legs laid over the strap thumbs, shaking, stroking of the hair. But, paradoxically, truly a man in love is not going to force things, until you give him a sign. He will wait for a moment of intimacy as much as you ask, because it combines the passion with an infinitely gentle attitude.
In the first stage of the relationship, the man worships the woman and most of all afraid to scare her off. Therefore, if a buddy or colleague could tell you a dirty joke, rude joke, or to afford a strong word, and has now become perfectly courteous, probably not far off the offer to have dinner.
The man with whom you begin a novel, carried away to your favorite rock group, French poetry, engaged in your beloved drawing with sand or kite-surfing? I think he's in love. After all, it is this sense of pushing for feats, when you want to learn more about what lives your half.