Look, what is often says the guy. Truly a man in love often talks about the future, which includes a loved one. If he plans for the years ahead, says what he will do in a year or ten years, and constantly mentions you, most likely, he's in love with you.
Pay attention to compliments him. Guys quite often get compliments from girls, but they are different. If the guy just notices your appearance, it is a common compliment. If he complements his words with importance of your appearance for him, for example, says that he was very pleased to see you, it is likely that he is in love. Besides, if the guy is really in love is beautiful is not large, but they will be very sensual.
If a guy likes you, he will be free to talk about their feelings. Please note, if he tells about his childhood, reveals their secrets, speaks about his dreams, etc. This openness suggests that he wants you to know him better. The probability that he's in love with you is very high.
Another way to learn about the feelings of the guy and his attitude towards you to see how it reacts to your mistakes. If a guy likes you, he will not idealize. During the conversation you can prevent illogical, sometimes even stupid statements. If the guy starts to correct you, and you hear him a slight criticism, it means he wants to show that he knows you and accepts who you are, with all your flaws, mistakes, etc.
Naturally, if a guy wants to be there when you're in a good mood and happy. He would be happy to visit with you to different places, meet with friends etc. However, if he turns away when you feel bad and you need support, it is not love. At the same time, if a guy truly loves you, he will look after you as if on a leash he will know that you have personal space. Lovers guys can't spend a day without having to see a girl. They often call, send messages and looking for meetings. This is love, but not love.
If the guy remains himself alone with you, so he's really open to you. In a public place he may be polite and fairly serious person. At the same time, left alone with him, you can see all his flaws. This behavior suggests that the guy nothing to conceal from you. If you notice it was him, he probably loves you.