Advice 1: How to calculate the cubic

Under the cubic capacity of the room is usually referred to as its volume, expressed in cubic meters. If you know the basic parameters of the room (length, width, and height), then calculate its cubic capacity is very simple. However, if the structure has a complex shape, then calculate its volume is quite difficult.
How to calculate the cubic
You will need
  • calculator
To calculate the cubic capacity of the room, multiply its length, width and height. That is, use the formula:
K = l x W x h, where:
To the cubic capacity of the room (volume, expressed in cubic meters),

D, W and length, width and height, expressed in meters, respectively.
For example, if the length of the room is 11 meters width – 5 meters height – 2 meters, its volume will be 11 x 5 x 2 = 110 cubic meters.
If one or more characteristics of the room are unknown, measure them, using a construction tape measure or electronic distance meter. When using the electronic rangefinder sure that it was directed strictly perpendicular to the wall, the distance to which is measured. To improve the accuracy of calculations, the height and width measure twice, on opposite walls, and then find the arithmetic average (add and divide by 2).
Suppose, for example, measuring the length of the room showed 10,01 10,03 m and m, measure the width of 5.25 m and of 5.26 m and the measurement height is 2.50 m. In this case, the cubic capacity of premises will be equal to:

(Of 10.01+10,03)/2 x (5,25+5,26)/2 x 2.5 = 131,638

(in most cases, three decimal places is enough).
If lime area of the premises, the aggregate cubic content just multiply this area by height. Ie, use the formula:
K = P x, where
P – the area of the premises specified in square meters (m2).
For example, if the floor area is 100 square meters, and its height is 3 meters, then its volume will be:

100х3=300 (cubic meters).
If the room has a complex shape, in order to determine its area using the appropriate geometric formulas or divide the room into smaller areas.
For example, the arena of the circus always has a shape of a circle with radius 13 meters. Therefore, its area is equal to πR2=3,14 x 169 = 531 (square meter).
If, for example, a room consists of three rooms with an area of 30, 20 and 50 m2, then the total area will be 100 m2.

Advice 2 : How to calculate cubic meter of wood

In everyday life and technology wood called the internal part of the tree underneath the bark. For wood , the main and most important are the following properties: texture (figure fibers of wood), strength, hardness, deformability (the ability derivativesa), specific viscosity, thermal conductivity, sound conductivity.
How to calculate cubic meter of wood
You will need
  • To measure the cubic capacity of the lumber you will need a tape measure and a special table (which you can request from the seller, called "subatomic".
Wood is a raw material for the production of more than twenty thousand products and articles. Methods of processing of wood raw material divided into three groups: mechanical, chemical-mechanical and chemical. Mechanical processing of wood is to change its shape by sawing, planing, milling, peeling,drilling, cleaving. As a result of mechanical processing receive a variety of consumer goods and industrial products. The value of various species of wood is their strength, durability and uniqueness of the figure. This wood is used to make beautiful furniture, flooring, doors, and various interior items that are considered elite, given the initial high cost and the size of the effort spent on processing it. In Russia, the most common the following species: oak, cherry, beech, pear, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, maple.
Board — lumber thickness up to 100 mm and a width exceeding twice the thickness. Boards are made of logs or timbers. Used in construction, furniture industry, manufacturing etc. depending on propylesoste edges are of the following types of boards: edged ( skromnoi both sides), one-way cut (with the edge on one side) and edging. When the sale of the timber, of course, have to measure them. Indeed, in contrast to other types of products do not sell them either individually or by weight, and in cubic metres. Volume of sawn softwood and hardwood is defined in two ways. You need to measure par and calculate its volume, the volume is calculated by the formula V= length X(times) width X(times) the thickness. So you will get the volume of one Board, now count all the plates, multiply the volume of one Board on a number of boards and you will get the volume you imported lumber.
Still the amount of wood you can calculate using the so-called kubaturnykh (GOST 5306-83), which is designed to calculate the amount of edging saw-timbers of coniferous and deciduous species. In subatomic (standard) a table of the volume of one meter length and table of one piece of lumber. Based on these, and determine the purchase price. For example, we need to find the volume of 70 edging boards thickness 22 mm, width 125 mm and length 4.5 m. For this table, find the thickness of sawn timber 22 mm and at the intersection of horizontal column where you specify the width of 125 mm, and vertical columns, wherein said length of 4.5 m, find the volume 0,01238 m3. Then by multiplying the volume by the number of timbers in the party will get the desired volume in m3: 0,01238 m3 X 70=0,8666 m3. For reference will answer that in four-axle gondola is about 55-60 m3 of edged softwood lumber.
Recalculate your results 2 time to avoid errors. Be careful with wood, don't get yourself a splinter, it is better to use gloves.
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