Advice 1: How to calculate cube whiteboard

The peculiarities of the sale of timber is quite complex, so even regulators are not always able to assess the precision of the leave of such products. Unlike other kinds of products, wood materials do not sell by weight, not by piece, and use the measurement in cubic metres. How can one calculate, for example, a cube Board?
How to calculate cube whiteboard
You will need
  • Calculator; tables for calculating the amount of lumber
Some manufacturers supply to retailers, the finished packs of sawn timber, attaching them to the tag where you specify the exact amount and price of such a package. Inspect the products you are interested in for the presence of such a tag, it will simplify the calculations. However, this practice is an exception. Typically dimension lumber produces a storekeeper and timber base.
Determine the type of Board you need. The calculation of the cubic capacity of the lumber depends on the degree of processing, type and grade. So, in one cubic meter of boards may include a different number of edged and unedged boards.
Select the calculation method of the lumber. When calculating the volume of sawn softwood and hardwood is used in two ways. The first method is the measurement of each Board and multiplying the length, width and thickness. The second method involves the use of standard (kubaturnykh), designed to calculate the volume of cut lumber. The standard provides tables of volume meter lengths and one piece of the material.
For example, consider a task in which you want to find the volume of 50 edging boards with a width of 125 mm, a thickness of 22 mm and a length of 4.5 m On the table, find the thickness of the lumber, and then at the intersection of a horizontal column with the desired width and a vertical column with the appropriate length, find the volume. It will be equal 0,01238 cubic m. Now multiply the volume found on a number of boards and get the desired volume: 0,01238 x 50 = 0,619 cubic meters.
The measurement is usually made, and to determine the price of lumber during the vacation. In this case locate in the corresponding price list retail price of this Board for one cubic meter and determine the value of the whole party, you get it. The correct application of the retail prices you can check folder pricing.

Advice 2: How to calculate cubic volume

Cubic volume is a characteristic of a body, showing its ability to accommodate a certain number of cubes of a substance or gas. To calculate the cubic volume very easily.
How to calculate cubic volume
From the definition it is clear that the volume of any hollow body is conventionally defined by its ability to accommodate a certain amount of any kind of matter. If the cube refers to the cube, the size of the fin is 1 cm, that is talking about cubic inches. If the size of the cube is 1 m, here we are talking about the volume, measured in cubic metres. Similarly, the volume can be measured in cubic millimeters, decimeters or other measures, depending on the size of the cube.
Now that you know what is the cubic volume of any body, you can proceed directly to calculations. Formula with which to calculate the cubic volume of the most common volumetric bodies presented below:

V = c3 is the volume of a cube, c is the size of the edge of this cube;

V = S*h - the volume of the prism, S is the area of its base and h is its height;

V = π*r2*h volume of cylinder, r is the radius of the circle at its base, π is a constant (π = 3.14);

V = (4*π*r3)/3 is the volume of a sphere, r is its radius;

V = (4*a*b*c*π)/3 is the volume of the ellipsoid, a, b, c - its main axis;

V = (S*h)/3 is the volume of a pyramid, S is the area of its base and h is its height;

V = (π*r2*h)/3 is the volume of a cone.
For illustrative purposes and clarity we can consider several examples.

Example 1: you are Given a pyramid, the base area of which is equal to 60 cm2 and its height is 20 cm, it is required to find the cubic volume of the pyramid. To solve these tasks you will need to use one of the above formulas:

V = (60*20)/3 = 400 cm3

Answer: the cubic volume of the pyramid is 400 cm3

Example 2: you want to find the cubic volume of a prism with a base area of 140 m2 and a height of 60 m.

Looking at the list of formulas given above, you need to find necessary and apply it:

V = 140*60 = 8400 m3

Answer: cubic the volume of this prism is equal to 8400 m3
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