You will need
  • Roulette
  • Level
  • Ladder
To calculate the volume of the room is rectangular in shape, no special tricks are required. It is sufficient to measure and multiply length, width and height. The only thing to care about accuracy. The tool needs to be believed. It is better to conduct measurements on the wall is strictly vertical and strictly horizontal line, because if you measure the length of the baseboard, you can get the error. Lines can be drawn with the help of a level and metal square. Stay tuned to the beginning of the line exactly coincide with the zero mark of the measuring tape.
If the room has projections, recesses, ventilation ducts and other objects, you must divide it into zones. In the room with a niche swipe across the floor straight line, cutting a niche. Measure first parameters greater part of the room and calculate the volume. Then just measure the gap, multiply the measurements and add the resulting amount to the volume of other premises. If the main part of the room and the niche the same height, the vertical measurements a second time to remove, of course, makes no sense. If the height is different, you'll have to do it.
If the room has, for example, a mezzanine or a ventilation box, which "eats" part of the volume, it is necessary to measure them. This is done exactly the same as the dimension of the room, only the resulting number should be subtracted from the total volume of the room.
Some more problems can occur with non-rectangular room shapes. If you need to calculate the volume of a round veranda or attic, try to accurately calculate the area of the floor. Find a center swipe through a few radii and measure one of them. For testing, you can measure all the radii, they must be the same. The porch floor trapezoidal shape, divide the straight lines on the rectangle and 2 triangles. It will be much easier to calculate the area, rather than to remember the formula for area of a trapezoid. Fold along the area of the rectangle and triangles and then multiply all this at the height of the room.