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  • calculator density table
To convert cubic meters to other units of volume, use the following ratios.
In one cubic meter contains:10000000000 milliliters
10000000 liters
1000000 gallons
2641721 us gallon
10566882 American quart
86480 us dry barrel
283776 American bushels
83860 us liquid barrels
62898 oil barrels
2199692 Imperial gallon
8798766 Imperial quart
17597533 Imperial pints
21133764 American pints
351950652 Imperial ounces
274961 Imperial bushels
338140227 us oz
2028841360 teaspoons
676280454 tablespoons
610237441 cubic inch
353147 cubic feet
8130001 mugs
50000000 glasses.That is, to convert the number of cubic metres, multiply this number by the appropriate factor.
To convert cubic meter to units of mass, e.g. kilograms, divide the number of cubic meters for the density of a substance expressed in kg/m?. The density of a substance, find the corresponding table of the specific gravity. Since different substances a lot, these tables are compiled separately for each group of substances. Be sure to remember the density of water is 1000 kg/m? or 1 t/m?. This will allow even without tables, at least roughly, to translate cubic meters to tonnes or kilograms
For translations of cubic meters to square meters, it is necessary to know the thickness of the material. Specifying the thickness, simply divide the number of cubic meters for the thickness expressed in meters. For example, if you want to know what the total area of 10 cubic centimeter (thickness) of boards, then divide 10 by 0.01 (thickness of Board in meters). Get 1000 square meters (m?).