You will need
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Box
  • Formula to calculate area of rectangle and volume of a parallelepiped
By definition, geometric solids, box is a rectangular parallelepiped or a cube if all its sides are equal. According to a calculation formula of the volume of the parallelepiped is equal to the product of the area of the base to the height.
For our example the base of the box, we assume the line which it is on the surface. Let's call it a face ABCD along her sides.
How to calculate the volume of the box
According to the theorem the area of a rectangle equals the product of its two sides. Footprint find by measuring two mutually perpendicular sides: AB and BC. Or AD and CD, what is the same, because the parallel sides of a rectangle are equal.
How to calculate the volume of the box
The height of the parallelepiped in this case is the edge of the face AE. Finally calculated the volume of the box the formula for the volume of a parallelepiped: (see Fig.
How to calculate the volume of the box
This calculates the volume of the box having the form of a rectangular parallelogram, each face of which has the shape of a rectangle. The volume of the box in any other shape will be calculated according to other formulae.