You will need
  • calculator, computer
To calculate the number of cubic meters, soderjaschihsya in the amount specified in other units, multiply this number by sootvetstviye ratio. For example, if the volume is specified in liters, for the transfer to cubic meters, multiply the number of liters by 0.001, i.e. use the formula:
Km3 = KL * 0,001,
where Km3 - the number of cubic meters, KL – the number of liters.
The same formula can be used if the source volume is specified in cubic decimeters (dm3).
Km3 = Кдм3 * 0,001,
where Кдм3 - the number of cubic decimeters.
If the source volume is specified in centimeters (cm3) or cubic millimeters (mm3) for counting cubic meters use the following formula:
Km3 = Ксм3 * 0,000001

Km3 = Кмм3 * 0,000000001,
where Ксм3 and Кмм3 - the number of cubic centimeters, and millimeters, respectively.
If a known mass, for calculating cubic meters (volume) specify the density of the substance. It can be found in sootvetstvuyuschih tables the density of a substance or measure yourself. To calculate the number of cubic meters, divide body weight (in kilograms) by the density (in kg/m3). That is, use the following formula:
Km3 = M / N,
M – body weight (in kg),

P – density (kg/m3).
P – density (kg/m3).
If the object is a simple three-dimensional shape and is known for some of its parameters, to calculate the volume, use the appropriate geometric formulas. For example, if the body is a rectangular parallelepiped, then its volume can be calculate by the following formula:
Km3 = D * W * H,
where: D, W and length, width and height (thickness) of the parallelepiped, respectively. The units of measurement of length, width and height must be specified in metres (linear).

The room has a ceiling height of 2.5 metres, length – 10 meters width – 8 meters. You want to determine the volume (number of cubic metres) rooms.

Km3 = 2,5 * 10 * 8 = 200 cubic meters.