On the website "Safe Beeline" ( under "Recommendations" describes this service.You can activate "Black and white lists" which allows you to block access to any rooms, including the short, as well as reject callers from the black list. In the latter case, the caller will hear the message of finding you out of network coverage or busy tone.
Service Black and white lists" from the "Beeline" allows you to create:- black list – all the phone numbers that were in this list, you will not be able to call you and you them, respectively, also;
- white list – you can make calls only to subscribers with certain numbers in this list. All other numbers will be blocked.In black and white lists may include numbers with any number of digits and any of mobile operators.To activate "Black and white lists", you can call on toll free number 0858.
Some operators, such as "Skylink" or "TELE2" currently do not provide such services. In contrast to the "Beeline", "MegaFon" has expanded the black list. To activate the service "Black list" at "MegaFon", the subscriber needs to send USSD-request to number *130# or call the information and referral service on 5130. Once activated, you will receive two SMS notifications. As soon as the service is connected, you will be able to add unwanted numbers to the black listby sending USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX# where X is a number in 9-digit format.