By the way, even if you are a user of a network "Megaphone", just enter any number in the list you will not succeed. Previously you have to activate the service on your mobile. Especially for this operator provides the service room 5130, call him completely free. Connect the "Black list" is also possible with the help of USSD-number *130#. After a couple of minutes after submitting the request, your phone will receive two text messages. In one of them the operator will inform you about the service, and the second about its activation (or failed attempt). Now, after completing the connection procedure, you can start editing the list, so you can make room or delete them.
The very entry of the numbers in the list will not take you much time. To specify the number you want to block, dial a special USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#, and then press send call. Do not forget about the possibility of sending SMS messages. In their text you will need to enter the + sign and the number of the blocked caller. Please note that whenever you make room in the list you need to specify it only in ten-digit format through seven. If you will specify together the numbers 7, eight, the request will not be sent.
In addition, after editing the black list, the subscriber can always check it out. To view the list, the user must type on the keyboard of a mobile phone short number 5130. It is designed to send SMS messages. In the text of this SMS must contain the command INF. Also there is another room that allows you to view the black listis the number of USSD-request *130*3#.
Incidentally, each of the listed rooms , you can at any time to remove (or even all numbers at once). To make it simple enough thanks to the two queries offered by the operator. The first of these is dial *130*079XXXXXXXXX#, it can be used to remove numbers from the list one by one. The second number is the USSD *130*6#. It allows you to clear the black list in a single action.