To make the "Black list" on the Megaphone can be any number. Such subscribers when dialing your number will hear the message of the system about the wrong set of numbers. Even if your phone model does not have the function to black list option operator MegaFon will be available.

The service "Black list" paid, and you can add an unlimited number of rooms. And if you don't want to take the incoming from the Bank or from old friends, it is enough to call by number *130#. You can connect the list and via SMS, the message must be empty, to send it is necessary to number 5130. You will receive notification of the service connection, the cost is 1 ruble per day. The activation must be confirmed. Connection or disconnection of the free, the size of the payment depends on the number of entered numbers.

In the list of unwanted numbers can be added in any convenient way:

· Via the USSD channel to dial *130*recipient number#. The number should be entered in international format, i.e. through 7.

· Via SMS you need to send your phone number beginning with +7 on 5130.

If desired, of the blacklist numbers can be removed, again by sending an SMS to 5130 with the text "Number of subscribers" or by dialing *130*subscriber's number with 7#. You can also manage the service in the "dashboard" of the subscriber, there is available the all information about the opportunity. It is easy to include another message of auto. For example, "Wrong number", and "This number does not exist." The operator provides choice to their customers.

If the subscriber's account has no funds, the service time will be off. The rule applies in a negative balance. It is worth considering that the "Black list" works for rooms of different lengths, from 11 to 15 digits. This Russian and foreign numbers of all operators.

To check the number or types listed in the list of unwanted numbers by sending a request through the combination *130*3#. Or send SMS "INF", "Inf", for 5130. To deactivate the service, send the message "off" or "off" on 5130, send the call *130*4# to choose from.

If the subscriber's phone connecting to the "Black list" on the Megaphone, is unconditional forwarding of incoming calls from withheld numbers will be forwarded to the specified number.