Not on every call I want to answer, and it may be their reasons. Not necessary to wrestle with the excuses. If you are a subscriber network MegaFon, use the service "Black list". It can help to independently establish a ban on unwanted incoming calls from specific numbers. To activate the service, select the most convenient method. For example, send an empty SMS-message to short number 5130. By the way, this can be done for free.
Another method: type in phone command *130#"Call". After that, you automatically get the option to add one or more numbers in the black list. To do this, dial *130*"subscriber"#"the Call". If you want to remove the number from blacklist, reissue the command: *130*"subscriber"#"the Call". In fact, and in another case, a subscriber number is entered in international format (starts with 7).
To view a list of created rooms, dial *130*3#"the Call". But if you want to delete the entire black list, use the command *130*4#"Call". When all the numbers in the list are deleted, the service will turn off automatically. To learn more about the service you can dial *130*5#Call.
But that's not all ways of adding numbers to the black list. You can activate the service on the official website of MegaFon. To do this, enter in the "Search query "black list" or find information about this service in the section "possibilities of communication". In a special column, enter your phone number and click "Connect". To the specified number will receive a message asking you to confirm the connection.
According to information published on the official website of MegaFon, you can add number to black list service "Service Guide", 0500 (information service Megaphone) or go to the nearest salon svyazi MegaFon.