You will need
  • The tax will need to submit the following documents:
  • 1. statement
  • 2. the passport cash register;
  • 3. issued a passport to the standard version of the cash register;
  • 4. the maintenance contract for the cash register;
  • 5. the book of the cashier-teller;
  • 6. log a call technical specialist (KM-8) with a note about pasting cash apparata brands of seals.
  • 7. the certificate on statement on the account in tax authority;
  • 8. a certificate of registration;
  • 9. The lease agreement, which will set the cash register;
  • 10. copy of the last balance with a mark of tax inspection.
First of all, find out what the law you just need to have the cash register (and hence register it). Cash registers not needed, for example, when selling securities, travel tickets, lottery tickets. To see the full list of activities whose implementation do not need cash registers, in the Federal law "About application of cash registers when implementing cash cash calculations and (or) calculations with use of payment cards" from 22.05.2003 (art. 2).
Also cash register is not needed to individual entrepreneurs and companies which pay the unified tax on imputed income (UTII). If you treat them, you can start working without cash.
Those who cash register the law requires, you should purchase it and contact the tax office where you (your organization) put on the account. You need to provide a certain (rather large) list of documents, including basic information about the entrepreneur or the company (PSRN, TIN), and data on the highest-grossing technique.
After the adoption of the package of documents you will be assigned a time of fiscal cash register in tax inspection. At this time the master of the maintenance Center needs to fill the details in the check, seal device etc. the Tax inspector, in turn, needs to control.
The tax authorities after registering them in the cash register put it into the State register of cash registers information about it, including details that are printed according to the cash register on the check, information about models of cash registers, etc. This procedure takes up to 5 working days. After this period, you can start working with the cash register.