Think about what legal form is more appropriate. Can register payment terminal as a business as a legal entity or entrepreneur.
Open an account in a reliable Bank. Consult some payment systems such as E–pay and E–port. Then make the most appropriate one, the contract.
Remember that the location of the payment terminal plays a crucial role for business development. So very carefully study the most appropriate places to install the apparatus. This can consider shopping malls, hypermarkets, business centers. Note that the cross point was at least a thousand people a day. Next, pay attention to the presence of security and electricity. If your payment terminal will be no one to protect, then it can be looted or damaged.
Gather the necessary for connection of terminal documents:- a Notarized certificate of state registration or certificate of registration of the relevant entries in the register on registration of this legal person;- Notarized certificate of registration of the legal entity in tax authorities;- power of Attorney on the person who signed the contract, if the contract signing was carried out on the basis of power of attorney;- the Decision or the minutes of the General meeting on election of the head of a legal entity (this is true only for the legal entity as LLC, JSC or CJSC).
The easiest variant of registration of the payment terminal is the SP. In this case you must contact the tax authority for registration and select the appropriate NACE codes. Next, fill out the necessary forms and pay the tax fee for registration. If you wish, you can make a print.