You will need
  • - receipt tape;
  • register.
Open the cover of the apparatus. Prepare a tape that you insert. Remove from the holes in the brackets with a plastic rod, on which there will be a roll of receipt paper.
Neat motion remove the cover from the plastic apparatus. Hold the end of the receipt tape and slowly slide it under the shaft.
Run cash machine. Press, which depicts an arrow pointing up. After that, if you did everything correctly, the rubber shaft begin to rotate, thereby pulling the end of the tape, and the cash register will give you a blank check.
With the detachable combs tear off a blank check and close the device cover.
Insert a tape in the machine and other method in which to remove a casing is not required.
To do this, the end of the tape pass in the slot cover, turn the device on, and press repeatedly on the button shows a vertical arrow.
Lay the roll so that he was opposite the holes in the installed brackets. And using plastic rod to attach it. Then close the cover and control the cash register again to use it.