Required documentation

Before you put a payment terminal, it is necessary to take care of the legal part of this activity. To get started, obtain the certificate of state registration of a business entity. Then you need to register with the tax office and to appoint the head, assuring this process the special Protocol of the General meeting. In addition, prior to the installation of the terminal it is necessary to obtain authorization for activities associated with the placement of such equipment. Also don't forget to make notarized copies of all documents.

The purchase and placement of payment terminals

According to rough estimates of experts, the installation of a payment terminal costs around 60-80 thousand rubles. After purchasing the equipment, you must sign a contract with the owner of one of payment systems. Then, the entrepreneur sets the terminal on leased or its territory, and from this step depends on the profitability of the business. When choosing the site should consider the proximity of terminals to competitors, cross-country, but we should not forget that the rent of 1 square meter in a crowded shopping Mall is quite expensive. You can also try to install multiple terminals in different locations and make a conclusion about the most profitable platform. Then, when all the issues with placement of equipment resolved, the owner of the terminal must determine the percentage charged as payment fees.

The advantages of business on the payment terminals

This type of business requires no special skills and knowledge. All that is required of the entrepreneur to buy more terminals and time to engage in their service, in particular, to change paper checks to cash. This kind of business is quite profitable. According to expert estimates daily cash turnover of the terminal is approximately from 8 to 30 thousand roubles. The average Commission rate for payments is around 5%. Also keep in mind that at the end of the month payment system as a bonus pays 0.5 to 2% of the total turnover. Thus, such businesses are protected from risks and losses, so it can make good money, with the payback period of this project is 6-12 months.