First assign the employee who will be responsible for all cash transactions. If you have the staffing includes the position of cashier, the duties assigned to him. Conclude employment contracts with them and document about full individual material responsibility. In the absence of such employee the liability falls on the shoulders of the chief accountant or the Manager.
Equip premises for the storage and issue of cash from cash Desk of the enterprise. Note that this should be a safe place include safes.
So you can store cash in hand, before the new calendar year, report to the servicing of the Bank the calculation of the cash limit. In this document, indicate revenue for the last three months, the amount of paid monetary funds, average income and other information.
All cash transactions processed using specially designed forms. For example, when the issuance of money on account, make the account cash warrant. In that case, if the employee returns unused accountable sums, apply for a cash order. If he filed the documents, confirming the expenses, complete the expense report.
At the end of the day make the loose-leaf cash book and sheet to the cashier report. To do these operations in that case, if it was recorded the movement of funds.
In that case, if you plan to use kontrolno-cash technics, you must register it in tax inspection. In the implementation of the goods give buyers the checks made by the CCP.
If you expect to make cash payments to suppliers should be aware that under one contract you can pay more than 100,000 rubles in cash, otherwise you will be violating the cash discipline.