You will need
  • - to register the company or SP;
  • find the installation location of the terminal;
  • - to conclude the necessary contract;
  • - purchase terminals.
If you decide to do this activity, the first thing register a legal entity or entrepreneur. Then open a Bank account.
Remember that the location of the payment terminal plays a crucial role in business development. Therefore, carefully read the estimated location of the apparatus. Consider shopping malls, business centers, hypermarkets, etc. Keep in mind that the cross-point must be at least 1000 people a day. Pay special attention to the availability of electricity and security. If the payment terminal will not be protected, it may be damaged and looted.
When organizational questions are solved, select the organization that manufactures, sells, installs, and services payment terminals. Signing the contract with such company, you will save yourself from unnecessary problems. If you are going to have only one terminal, employees will not need. If you plan to develop a network of payment devices, keep in mind that you'll need the operator. In addition, you will need the collectors. Sign a contract with a security Agency.
Read the conditions of operation of payment systems - E–port, E–pay, etc. and make one of them a contract.
Keep in mind that the cost of new payment terminals is about 60000-65000 rubles for those who install in the premises, and order 80000-85000 rubles for the street. Some budding business people prefer the devices that were in use for some time. Usually they are cheaper new at 40-50%, depending on the state of a specific terminal. So before you buy a particular machine, compare prices and talk with experts. It may be worthwhile to pay attention to the used apparatus and save some money.
Income from payment terminals ranges from 2-3 to 8-10% of the total amount of payments, and minimum turnover of one point to the average permeability ranges from 7000 to 9000 rubles a day. If the unit is in pass-through location, you can count on income in 90000-100000 rubles a month.