You will need
  • - computer equipment;
  • - receipts or receipt of payment;
  • - account for work by Bank transfer.
To determine if your trading activity to one that it is possible to realize without the use of cash registers. To meet the requirements of the law, activities should not touch retail sales of alcoholic beverages more than 15%, but must also be regulated exclusively UTII (information of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation dated 29.09.09).
If you had set the cash register be sure to clear it with the account in tax Department. It must be done on the same day that you plan to use it. In the case of non-use kontrolno-cash technics, which has not been removed from the register, you will be fined in accordance with article 14.5 of the administrative code. The amount of the fine: 3000-4000 rubles for individual entrepreneurs; 30 000 – 40 000 RUB to OOO.
When working without a cash register, you are still required upon demand of buyer to issue the document confirming the Commission of an act of sale. Under this document means a receipt or a receipt of payment. They be sure to track the following: number and date of transaction, name of organization, address of the store purchased goods/services, the amount accepted, position and signature of officer issuing the document. Also you can develop your own form of the document that include the required functions.
Do without a cash register can be and in that case, if your company works only under the clearing settlement. In this case, the buyer transfers money to the account of PI, which is payment of all necessary taxes.
Can use the services of organizations engaged in the delivery and receipt of payment for your products. Such companies work with mobile checkout devices and will be required to issue a check for the purchase. All proceeds are transferred to your Bank account and you are paying tax. There is a percentage in favor of the delivery company (from 1.5 to 5%). This method frees you from many worries of cash register and associated with its implementation of the securities.