You will need
  • register;
  • instruction to the cash register.
Carefully read the instructions – it displays the usage of the keys and principles of operation of the device. However, if you plan to use the machine in their company and some time will be working independently in the position of cashier, it is important to be able to handle it. Small firms often buy a cash register "SCR" - it is certified for trade and services. In addition, the machine can be peregistrirovat up to 5 times.
Connect the machine to the power source, the screen should indicate time. If it does not coincide with the actual, correct it by pressing the "PI" - click on it and enter the hours and minutes – only 4 numbers. To see the time value in the process, use the button with the asterisk (*).
Note the date – it should be correct. If the number does not match, the use of such a machine is impossible. Notify the service center about the failure and try to eliminate it in the shortest possible time.
Tuck cash register tape in the machine. To do this, remove the cover on the front panel with a hole for output checks and attach the coil. Thread the end of the tape outward and then close the inner cavity.
Double-click it. The first time will appear on the screen mode of the cashier ("?"), the second "N?". Then enter six zeros, then you will see "0.00".
Hit "it" - will print a zero check. If you want to discourage a purchase, then type:

- sum;
- the amount of money received from the buyer (optional);
- "It".

Wait until the check, tear it off and give it to the customer together with the delivery.
To understand the principle of operation of a cash register best in real conditions of its operation. To do this under the guise of job internship shop, for example. The cashiers are always required, and you'll be able to find a practice place.