Advice 1: How to learn to work with the cashier

Cash register machine, which required you must use a all companies that accept cash from customers, with the exception of organizations in several spheres of activity.
How to learn to work with the cashier
You will need
  • register;
  • instruction to the cash register.
Carefully read the instructions – it displays the usage of the keys and principles of operation of the device. However, if you plan to use the machine in their company and some time will be working independently in the position of cashier, it is important to be able to handle it. Small firms often buy a cash register "SCR" - it is certified for trade and services. In addition, the machine can be peregistrirovat up to 5 times.
Connect the machine to the power source, the screen should indicate time. If it does not coincide with the actual, correct it by pressing the "PI" - click on it and enter the hours and minutes – only 4 numbers. To see the time value in the process, use the button with the asterisk (*).
Note the date – it should be correct. If the number does not match, the use of such a machine is impossible. Notify the service center about the failure and try to eliminate it in the shortest possible time.
Tuck cash register tape in the machine. To do this, remove the cover on the front panel with a hole for output checks and attach the coil. Thread the end of the tape outward and then close the inner cavity.
Double-click it. The first time will appear on the screen mode of the cashier ("?"), the second "N?". Then enter six zeros, then you will see "0.00".
Hit "it" - will print a zero check. If you want to discourage a purchase, then type:

- sum;
- the amount of money received from the buyer (optional);
- "It".

Wait until the check, tear it off and give it to the customer together with the delivery.
To understand the principle of operation of a cash register best in real conditions of its operation. To do this under the guise of job internship shop, for example. The cashiers are always required, and you'll be able to find a practice place.

Advice 2 : How to learn programming from scratch

If you want to create video games, smartphone apps or Internet sites, you need to learn how to program. There are countless different programming languages, but they all usually have common principles.
How to learn programming from scratch

Identify your goal

Language learning programming is quite an interesting experience, but before embarking on the process of learning should clearly state the purpose. For what purpose you need the knowledge of a programming language? Perhaps you want to become a web programmer, flash developer-games or to write applications for the iPhone.

Select the programming language

Learning programming it is recommended to start with C#. This is the basic languages, and they represent a an industry standard programming, their knowledge is considered a must for any professional programmer. Don't start your training with such programming languages as Java. The syntax may seem confusing. Languages C#, for some beginners may be too complex, in this case, you can start learning with Python, also a good basis for beginners.

Learning the basics of programming you can go for about a year. You have to know the features of procedural and object-oriented programming, principles of work with binary trees, arrays, lists, etc. Only after learning the basics move on to more complicated tasks.
Visit the sites of the developers of programming languages, study the documentation. Be sure to talk on the forums of the programmers, they usually answer most questions beginners.


If you want to learn programming, you just need to know math. In the process, you have to face many problems that cannot be solved without knowledge of the basics of this science. There are a large number of mathematical equations, theories and systems (Fourier series, Fibonacci numbers, etc.), which significantly simplify the programming process.

Training does not end

Evolution of programming languages is not in place, their development is ongoing. Try to read as much literature on the field of programming, where you plan to work. Always look for alternative solutions to arising problems, it will help you to constantly improve the efficiency of your generated code. Talk with professional programmers, they will always be able to advise how to deal with a particular problem. Read codes of their programs will also bring you great benefit.
Impossible to keep it all in mind. Feel free to use reference books on programming languages.

Programming tasks, however simple they may be, will never be decided hurriedly. They always need to develop a correct algorithm of actions effective in this particular situation. The search for optimal algorithms requires constant practice and training. Most try to solve a small programming tasks (you can find them on specialized sites), it will help you gradually hone your skills in this area.

Advice 3 : Why bad the vestibular system works

The vestibular apparatus is necessary for the person to hold body in vertical position, performing coordinated movements, fixation of gaze and head position and orientation in space. With a poorly functioning vestibular apparatus is necessary to find the cause of the "problem" that may be hiding in the most unexpected places.
Why bad the vestibular system works


The violation of various parts of the human vestibular system is accompanied by a number of specific symptoms to determine the localization problem, which can be located in the cerebral cortex and the receptors of the semicircular canals of the inner ear. The main symptoms disorders of the work of the vestibular apparatus are short-term dizziness when changing body position or head, nausea, repeated vomiting and balance disorder.

Pathological processes that cause such symptoms may be inflammatory, neoplastic or vascular in nature.

In the poor performance of the vestibular system also often found hearing loss, "jumping" image before my eyes, numbness and weakness of limbs, fall on level ground, double vision, sensation of ear stuffiness and the constant noise in it. In addition, a person may experience the autonomic, motor or sensory phenomena, and also noted impaired speech and swallowing reflex.


The most common causes of disorders in the vestibular apparatus are traumatic brain injury, otitis, vestibular neuritis, ischemia of the vertebral-basilar basin, as well as vertebral-basilar insufficiency caused by vascular problems. These disorders can be caused by atherosclerosis of the basilar, vertebral, or subclavian arteries, increased blood viscosity, orthostatic hypotension, cervical osteochondrosis or internal auditory artery occlusion.

Almost half of the cases, doctors could not figure out the exact cause of poorly functioning vestibular apparatus.

Also symptoms of vestibular disorders often found in the presence of edema in the region of the inner ear, injury of the vestibulocochlear nerve, intracranial hypertension, chronic bilateral dizziness, intoxication gentamicin or aminoglycosides. Problems with the vestibular apparatus is also called: taking some chemical drugs, Meniere's disease, concussion of the labyrinth, temporal bone fracture, perilymphatic fistula, blockage or dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, basilar migraine, epilepsy, craniocervical junction anomaly and gradually developing multiple sclerosis.
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