You will need
  • the act;
  • - explanation;
  • application;
  • fiscal report for the desired period.
Punch report cover with cancellation retroactively impossible. So the check is lost, means that get it and pin to the financial documents it is impossible. But in memory ackles saved all reportyou and you can get a receipt that will confirm revenue change, lost Z-report.
The loss reportand with cancellation a report with its decoration should be present cashier shifts, senior cashier, chief accountant and the designated officer of the authority.
Ask the cashier to write an explanation of where, when and under what circumstances the report was lost and why the information about withdrawing cash with cancellation not recorded in the journal of the cashier-teller.
Make a request for calling a technician from the technical service centre of cash registers with which you have a contract.
Specialist technical centre will remove the fiscal report. Specify the period for which you must have a confirmation by the financial revenues for a change in connection with the lost reportom with cancellation.
The fiscal report will include the log of the cashier instead of the lost reportand cancellation of the data record. Information fiscal reportand 100% replace the lost Z-report. From the review by the tax authorities of your business will not have any claims.
You have the right to issue act, to issue a written reprimand and to financially punish the cashier responsible for the loss of financial documents. Not prohibited by law, if you no penalties and punishments to endure will not, and will confine myself to a strict warning or a verbal reprimand.
The loss of financial documents reportactivities is a serious reason to think about the termination of the contract unilaterally due to mistrust. If the cashier loses reports constantly or you have other good reasons not to trust the financially responsible person will issue a dismissal in accordance with the applicable rules of the Labor code.