Advice 1: How to make cash

For a small company sometimes easier to keep account of funds, bringing all operations into a single management report, which the accountant will report it to the Director upon request. The analogue of this report is the simplified cash book, which takes into account the parish revenue and accounts payable. Such cash are many commodity experts and accountants, for example, in small grocery stores.
How to make cash
The cashier is the report on movement of funds. If you decide to make checkout easier and clearer to use tabular format for this report. Razlikuje table on 4 columns and number of rows equal to the average number of your trading operations per day. Column names can include the following:• the operation Number;
• The substance of the transaction (revenue or cost to a specific counterparty);
• The amount of the receipts;
• Amount of the expense.
For convenience and allow suturing of the reports to one folder on top determine an additional place to specify the date of the report, as well as incoming funds from last working day. Optionally, specify the bottom row totals:• total on arrival for the day;
• Total consumption for the day;
• Closing balance at the end of the day, which will be calculated as the sum of the incoming balance at the beginning of the day and total for the coming of the day minus the total consumption for the day.
The accounting of revenues and expenditures in the form described above is suitable only for so-called management report, that is for a personal account for the movement of funds by the cashier or accountant in a small company small business. For tax and other regulatory agencies responsible officer (cashier) of the enterprises to the "Report of the cashier-teller" on the unified form No. KM-6 and fill it based on Z-reports, which are taken every day.

Advice 2 : How to make cash letters

Cash Desk of letters and numbers – no doubt a necessary thing for preschooler or primary school. But if earlier they could buy in any store, now to find a nice comfy office in the store is almost impossible. The child is not in pain, pulling out the tiny letters from the pockets, cash letters, numbers, and syllables can be done independently. It doesn't take a lot of time and effort.
How to make cash letters
You will need
  • - 2 sheets of cardboard of A4 size or A3;
  • - packaging from cardboard;
  • - transparent colored files or folders zip;
  • - needle and thread;
  • glue "Moment";
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • pen.
Take a sheet of cardboard and raschertite it into squares by the number of letters. The sizes of cells depend only on your imagination. And draw all bars with a thick marker.
In the resulting squares, stick letters, numbers and syllables. Into empty cells can stick pictures or leave blank.
Cut the file or folder with a zipper on the strips. The width of the strips should be slightly less than the height of cells and the length equal to the length of a horizontal row of squares.
Pristrochite cut strips horizontally, and then prostrochite them vertically to make the pockets. The lines need to lay it on the drawn lines and threads to pick up in the tone of the pen with which these lines were the bar.
Take the cover off and the cardboard is usually in the form of books and stick to her sheets with pockets. The result is a book.
Letters, numbers and syllables, print out on any paper in any desired number of attach in the appropriate pockets.
The same can be done from the normal folders of the folder.
Useful advice
Express one or more strips not stitched, so they could put words and sentences. Or you can make another blank page in your book.
Letters and syllables can be printed as small capitals and large, the child immediately learned to write names and beginning sentences with a capital letter.
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