The cashier is the report on movement of funds. If you decide to make checkout easier and clearer to use tabular format for this report. Razlikuje table on 4 columns and number of rows equal to the average number of your trading operations per day. Column names can include the following:• the operation Number;
• The substance of the transaction (revenue or cost to a specific counterparty);
• The amount of the receipts;
• Amount of the expense.
For convenience and allow suturing of the reports to one folder on top determine an additional place to specify the date of the report, as well as incoming funds from last working day. Optionally, specify the bottom row totals:• total on arrival for the day;
• Total consumption for the day;
• Closing balance at the end of the day, which will be calculated as the sum of the incoming balance at the beginning of the day and total for the coming of the day minus the total consumption for the day.
The accounting of revenues and expenditures in the form described above is suitable only for so-called management report, that is for a personal account for the movement of funds by the cashier or accountant in a small company small business. For tax and other regulatory agencies responsible officer (cashier) of the enterprises to the "Report of the cashier-teller" on the unified form No. KM-6 and fill it based on Z-reports, which are taken every day.