Find a suitable place to practice with the nunchaku. The novice athlete weapons will certainly fall or fly in the direction that may cause harm to others or break the valuable items in the apartment. The room should be spacious and preferably have a soft floor, as fallen heavy nunchaku make a lot of noise.
To protect your body in the beginning of training, use a soft nunchaku. Try to make training nunchaku from rolls of old Wallpaper, wrapped them with electrical tape. When you learn to operate this weapon, develop the power of the hands with a wooden numchucks.
Start to learn how to spin nunchaku on a pre-selected trajectory. Point the stick at the mentally intended path. Make the movement maximally conscious, gradually increasing the speed. The simplest methods should produce the reflex.
When you learn how to spin the nunchaku away from yourself, start to learn the basic fighting stance. Underarm grip nunchaku: one stick, place the arm, guiding her back end. Second, hold the brush the same hand, pulling down. If you force pull the lower stick, the upper can strike unpredictable to the enemy trajectory.
The main provisions when using the nunchaku refers to the shoulder grip. Place one stick under his arm, and another on his shoulder. The cord should be behind the shoulder joint. Learn how to spin a nunchaku out of this situation. Practise this movement: lower the nunchuck down, with one stick holding, and the second is let hanging loosely. Twist the nunchuck upward, lifting the forearm, while the free stick needs to be armpit to armpit grip. Beginning wrestlers should do 300-500 repetitions of this movement to secure it.
Practice both alternately capture. From underarm grip toss the nunchuck straight up and catch the free stick shoulder. Of the shoulder capturing point the nunchuck down and fix armpit. When you learn the basic movements and seizures, may proceed to more advanced fighting techniques.