You will need
  • A roll of old Wallpaper, cord, awl or drill, electrical tape, knife, scissors
Take the roll of old Wallpaper, cord with a diameter of 5-6 mm and insulation tape. Cut the roll crosswise so that the arm length corresponds to the distance from the elbow to mid-palm. The result was two pieces of Wallpaper length a little more forearm.
Roll one roll tightly to form a tube with a diameter of 3 cm is Wound a layer of Wallpaper should be approximately 1 cm.
Cut off any excess and wrap the ends of the roll of tape. Do the same with the second piece of Wallpaper.
Stepping back from the edge of the arm about 5 cm, do the through hole. First mark the holes with a nail and then stick the awl or screwdriver. You can also use the drill – holes will be smoother.
Thread the cord into the hole. So it was easier to do this, wrap one end of the cord with electrical tape and sharpen it so it easily passed through the holes. The front ends of the arms tie a reef knot.
The length between the arms make equal 11-12 see a More accurate length is adjusted individually and should be equal to the width of your palm. Keep in mind that over time, due to the stretching of cord and its length may increase slightly. After the final adjustment of the length of the cord firmly tie the ends of direct node and cut off the unnecessary. The ends of the cord carefully singe in the fire, so they do not unravel.
Arm wrap nunchaku with insulating tape. Ancient weapons of the ninjas ready, you can start training.