Advice 1: Where to hang the amulet Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a popular Indian amuletthat protects the person from nightmares and negative impact that can have on his mind the night when the defenseless. According to legends, bad dreams, bad thoughts and evil spells tangling in the amulet, while a good pass through the hole and climb down the ropes and feathers.
Where to hang the amulet Dreamcatcher

Features selection of dream catcher

The basic rule which should be observed when using dream catchers, is that to hang such amulet need above the headboard. The decoration should be placed above the person's head, because that is how, according to legend, it protects the person from bad dreams, coming to him, and at the same time, helps to go down the good dreams, the giver of joy.
If possible, you should attach the catcher did not directly to the wall, and hung on the pin so that the amulet was located over the sleeping man, and not to the side of it. However, if this is not possible, and you can attach to the wall.

It happens that hung the amulet over the head becomes difficult. In this case, place it over any part of the bed where possible. If such an option is inappropriate, you should hang a dream catcher in any part of the bedroom. You can attach it to the chandelier in the middle of the room or against the wall.

Remember that initially this amulet made for kids, as they are most vulnerable to the negative effects of nightmares. If you want to use a children's version of the catcher, hang it directly over the crib, hung like toys. Colored feathers and intricate pattern perfectly distract and soothe babies.

Where to hang dream catchers: additional subtleties

It is important to remember that, according to legend, bad dreams don't fly away and get tangled in the web of the dream catcher. This means that the amulet you need to clean them every day just as the spider cleans its web from the caught victims. The legend says that doing this is very simple: the nightmares themselves are scattered under the influence of sunlight, until the next night, the amulet remains free and clean. This fact is important to consider when selecting a location for Dreamcatcher: there must be the sun is shining, even very long.
If sleeping space enclosed by a partition or curtain to the sun's rays did not Wake the sleeping man, should outweigh the catcher each morning, allowing it to be cleansed.

From time to time you can make a "General cleaning" of the amulet. It's enough to hang it in the wind under the sun or the moonlight and leave for a few hours. If you have chosen its location well-ventilated place where the rays you do not have to worry about cleaning of the catcher.

Advice 2 : How to hang a toy over the crib

Any suspension with different toys over the baby's crib is not only decoration, but also gives baby the opportunity with interest to consider it, to learn to reach for things and touch them. Despite its apparent simplicity, such toys will help to develop a child in several directions.
How to hang a toy over the crib
Hanging toy above the bed allows you to train the child: sight, concentration and attention, ability to focus, and the ability to distinguish and recognize objects. Among other things, the slow movement and the gentle sounds will allow your child to calm down and cause a lot of positive emotions.
Toys pendants are attached to a toddler's bed with a special bracket or arc. They come in both hard and soft, small and more or less large, in the form of figures or globe. There are also varieties of color: colorful, plain, striped, shiny, spotted, but always a pleasant color.
Children up to four months is better to hang over the crib figure with the face image (e.g., bun mouth and eyes), it really will delight your child and be sure to teach to communicate with people and focus.
To six months of a child's life on the bed you can hang a sounding toy. It will stimulate hearing and sight of the baby, allow you to optimize the sound effect with their own movements, thereby helping to develop coordination of hands and eyes. Also the child will be interesting to try to find him hanging over the toy, touch it and even try to catch it.
Stretch marks or rattles-the garlands look like a few small in size toys that are interconnected using tape, rubber bands or cord. In function they are about like toys-suspension. To hang a banner on the crib or on the stroller, but always so that the child could independently it hurt, moving hands or feet. Set toy is best for the opposite sides at a distance of approximately seven inches over the child's chest. Garland can be made of plastic or wood, as long as it attracts children's attention, but was not very bright.
Suspension-the carousel must be fixed on the bracket, directly over the baby's crib so that he could see all the parts of the toys. Suspension can also be backlit, which will project the image on the ceiling of the room and accompanied by a nice melody, which will increase the "magic" effect of the toy.
When you install the hanging mechanism over the baby's crib, you need to pay attention to the toys. Because lying on the back child must see each figure as a whole, not only its lower part, which will seem to him a narrow strip. It should be noted that a movement that sees the baby should be reliable. Therefore, the best option would be if the air will not float crocodiles and hippos, and butterflies, fish or bees.
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