Manufacturer of a whip is to start with a workpiece cutting for the first of the knee (or lower) that is best to weave from strips with a thickness of 5-7 mm. You can also use the knee made more than five stripes. Of course, for weave it is better to use straight strips and preferably long. But in order to achieve the desired result, the necessary pieces of saramati of proper size. But these are difficult to find. So you'll have to manage to obtain the necessary long pieces of small-sized pieces of skin.
Before you start to cutting of the workpiece, set on a piece of saramati strip equal to the width of all stripes is stepping back 5-10 mm from the end of the runway (necessary for mounting of the whip).
With a lack of saramati for blanks, they can be constructed from the remaining segments. When you weave the joints of the segments (you must check) must be located opposite each other. Strip to do the same as in thickness and in length.
The weaving of the first (bottom) knee: for convenience, first a little, spread in different directions the same number of strips, then braid alternately, taking the strips first left, then right. The strips are then supposed to return to its original position, followed by the new to repeat the above operation. During the weaving see that the band fit is symmetrical and not twisted.
Gradually outasite knee in the process of its formation. To achieve the desired result, in a braid, enter a cone-shaped liner from saramati or similar material. Stop to increase the diameter of approximately 5 cm to the annular loop, then the section length of approximately 8 cm continue weaving without liner.
Finishing work on the knee pass into the coupling ring the area where there is no liner, fold it to make a loop, and it was hanging freely the ring. Then start to braid the knee part without a liner. Now the first (lower) knee is almost finished, it remains only to secure the protruding ends of the strips. To do this, drag them between woven strips, trim the ends and cut them into fringe.
When weaving a new knee you have to consider that next the knee should be thicker (or the same), so use more than 6 strips. It is clear that to obtain thick knee can also by increasing the diameter of the liner and the width of the strips.
Take 4 strips (long) and begin the above method to bead forming area, which is enough for the loop. On this site wear a ring that is woven into the other knee, bend the woven part of the loop and continue weaving, now only eight strips. If necessary to increase the diameter of the elbow, use a liner.