The first method:

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.
Keep the ball at arm's length (if you're right handed – right, left-handers better to learn to spin the ball on your left hand). The marked point must be exactly on the fingers. With the other hand hold it from the top.
Flick of the fingers of that hand which has the ball, spin it on its axis. And in that moment when he hangs in the air, put your index finger under the marked point. In this case the index finger should be pointing exactly upwards.
The second method:
Strut is the same as in the first case.
Take the ball in hand and keep at a distance of approximately two feet from the face. The arms should be bent at the elbows. Fingertips spin the ball in any convenient way for you.
Toss the ball up, do not forget to tighten it, zadejstvuja the fingertips. Try to give the maximum rotation speed.
At a time when a curveball is the highest point, put your index finger pointing up, exactly on the axis of rotation. Remember that tossed the ball too high, hard to catch, while a large likelihood of damage to the finger.
In order to keep the ball from falling free hand to add speed. If done correctly, the centripetal force will not allow the ball to fall off the finger.