In order to learn how to spin a coin between your fingers, put it on the edge between index and middle. To place a coin have between 3 phalanges. Hand it does not grip tightly into a fist. Start to move the index and middle finger against each other. As a result of such movement, the coin is flipped and moved between the fingers in the space between middle and ring. And then produce all the movements ago.
An important point in teaching the torsion of the coin is the selection of its size. It depends on the size of the brush and thickness of your fingers. Besides, she must be heavy. This will help you quickly learn how to move.
You can turn the coin , not only among the fingers, but also on the plane. To learn this quite simple. In order to promote the coin face value of 5 or 50 cents, put it on the edge of the index finger of the left hand and hold. Then the index or middle finger of the right hand click on the edge of the coin (i.e. make a flick on it). From this blow the coin begins to spin in the plane. Separate fun - count the number of revolutions around its axis, which will make the coin during this time. If you turn a coin in your company, we can assume who most turns you will make.
You can also learn to twist the coin in the air. For this you need to get a hand into a fist placing thumb on top. Then on the nail of the finger put the coin flat. Then hook your thumb behind the forefinger and sharply yank it out. The inertia of the coin should fly up while spinning. In this case, you can also count how many revolutions around its axis it will do.