You will need
  • - racket;
  • - a tennis ball;
  • - tennis table.
In the first phase of development you should be formed of motor and visual image. Learn ball and racquet interact with each other. Experience in their hands the racket, and learn to control the flight of the ball in different ways. Learn basic striking movements, the orientation of the torso, legs, arms and paddle in space.
Put tennisNY the ball on the racket and roll it so that it does not fall. Then start to hit the ball with the racket from the top-down and bottom-up. You will feel how the ball behaves. Kicking the ball on the racket, try to move around the room holding it. The wall will help you in the initial stages of learning how to play tennis, gradually decrease the distance between you. These exercises will help you sharpen skills and to master the basics of the game.
The correct movement during the game is important, however, than the attacks themselves, as the enemy tries all the time to beat in the place where you are not. And being in one position, to keep pace with the ball is simply unrealistic due to its high speed. So you constantly have to move or to be ready for it. This can be achieved by slightly bending the knees and tilting the housing forward and rocking from side to side and steps.
To learn how to cut, you need to keep the racquet from the top down during contact with the ball. After that, the ball goes up, the more you spin, the farther it will fly. Pruning is a defensive shot that is pretty hard to attack. The force of the impact basically depends on the impact velocity of the ball and the distance from which you are taking.
To improve movements and strokes set a task you wish to solve in each lesson. This will help you more purposefully and effectively organize their actions. To master the technique of the game follow the straight and diagonal strokes, eight, and triangle.
Improve setups and cutting table in various combinations and directions of the left and right without rotation. Learn simulation srepok, grasp and juggle the ball, practise all the elements from the training wall. Master the cut with a complex rotation, and pin strokes daily workouts. For this you will need a partner.