First of all, make adjustments to their own diet. At the time of recruitment of muscle mass you need to upgrade to a separate power supply. It is the separate consumption of protein and carbohydrate products. This is due to the fact that protein digestion requires an acid environment in the stomach, and for carbohydrates – alkaline. To apply protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, milk, etc., to carbohydrate – cereals, bread, pasta, etc., If you consume these two products (e.g., potatoes with chicken), stomach feels heavy load, he has to consistently to create two opposite environment for digestion. There is a third type of product – neutral, it includes vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts. They can be eaten with any carbohydrate or protein foods. Thus, you will create preconditions for the recruitment of muscle mass, if you eat rationally and reasonably.
Divide all your daily diet for 6 or even 8 meals. Accordingly, the amount of food eaten at one time, you will need to be cut. This is because by the time the next meal all the food from the previous intake have already digested.
Don't forget every morning for Breakfast. This is a required meal, and it needs to be one of the most abundant. Shortly before sleep also eat small portion of food.
Great attention is paid to the regime. Be sure to observe the eight hours of sleep. For the night time your body will fully recover after a hard day and will be ready for good digestion and formation of muscles.
Regularly attend weight training. Exercise equipment – the best way to create the terrain where you want. After exercising drink protein shakes. Use the services of an experienced coach, he will give you the tips for muscle mass that are appropriate for your specific Constitution.