You will need
  • balanced meal, barbell, dumbbell
Start with a set weight, calculating it by the formula: height (expressed in centimeters minus 110. The result is approximate, but will help to Orient. Determine the daily rate of calories you take in. Add to it another 900 in the end you will get the number needed to dial the missing weight.
Eat right: avoid large number of unnecessary calories contained in sweets and flour products. Eat more protein foods because it contains protein that increases the production of growth hormones and testosterone. Combine meat, fish and poultry with raw vegetables – it will help your gastrointestinal tract digest food. Avoid feelings of hunger – it is better to eat every two hours but in small portions.
Pay more attention to training with weights. Jogging, swimming and other cardio minimize: just a ten-minute warm-up. When weight training, you should give preference to squats, barbell presses lying and standing, deadlift on straight legs and thrust rod in the slope. Also good training with dumbbells. To choose the training program better with a professional coach, with all features shapes.
Be aware that muscle growth occurs not during workouts, and after. To achieve a good result, you need to visit the gym two or three times a week. To sleep at least eight hours a day is not recommended. To of sessions successful, it is necessary to monitor on their own – if you are tired or not feeling well, exercise is better to move.
Exercise regularly, as when absenteeism occurs some return your body to its former state. Be tenacious, not afraid of difficulties and believe in success is very important in sports. Drinking alcohol and Smoking can reduce all results to zero. To figure was really beautiful, should respect the day and forget about the harmful habits.