Make a set of exercises that will train the needed muscle groups. That figure was beautiful and proportional, need to work on the whole body. Pumped biceps look ridiculous if their owner thin legs, sunken chest and hunched back. Do the exercises that will result in the form of legs, arms, chest, shoulders, buttocks, neck, abs and back.
Purchase additional equipment that will help you get the result faster. You can buy exercise ball, wall bars, dumbbells, bench. Of course without them also you can create a beautiful sports body, but if you aim for maximum effect, they cannot be avoided.
Train 3 times a week, do not overload your body, otherwise the result will appear slower. There are several basic exercises that you can take to quickly build muscle. Pull up on the bar. The first classes will be enough to do 3 sets of 10 times, then gradually increase the load.
Exercise from the floor, this exercise will lead to tone all the muscles of the shoulder girdle will give the load on the abdominals and back. The number of push UPS depends on your fitness. If you have not played sports, it is enough to do 100 push-UPS. If you are well prepared people, that number can increase to 200 or 300.
Download the press better than lying on a gym ball, then you will achieve maximum results. If you don't then lie on the floor, hook your feet under the bed, sofa or a battery and slowly lift the upper half of the body. Enough for beginners to do 50 exercises per workout.
Perform tilts to the side, make the bike prone, jump over the rope and walk regularly. All of these exercises just seem to be very simple, in fact they are great help in building muscle mass.
After months of training artificially increase your body weight. Only with the help of weights you build muscles in a short time. The easiest way is to hang on the back of the backpack, which would be weights (heavy books). Every month need to increase their weight, and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.