First of all, direct attention to their own food. Your daily diet should be divided into 6 or 8 servings. The calories choose the most high. Daily dose consumed per day food should be about 5000 kcal.
Try to observe the principles of food combining. Protein foods, which includes dairy products, meat, fish etc, eat separately from carbohydrate. It are bread, pasta, cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Do not skip any meal. Be sure to have Breakfast and dinner, snack about an hour before workout. So you will always have enough energy for training, and protein to help build muscle.
When building muscle is important point is the recovery time of the muscles. The average is 48 hours. At the moment, when the muscle is fully recovered from the previous classes, you should start a new training. So daily strength training will not bring the desired result. Better train every 2 – 3 days.
For the process of muscle recovery is very important proper rest. Daily sleep should be at least 8 hours. Also try to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress. This hinders the recovery process of the body.
Include strength training squats, bench press, standing and lying down, lunges with a barbell and deadlift. If you doubt what number of reps you should do, start with 6 – 8 repetitions for one approach. Later better to increase the number of approaches than repetition. Try in one exercise, involve several muscle groups and avoid working in one direction only.
Compliance with the above rules will yield positive results after a few weeks. You will just have to continue to act according to plan.