Advice 1: How to disable offline mode Nokia

As is often the case that want to get away from the outside world with its worries and problems and dive into the world of dreams or enjoy listening to your favorite music. But "Murphy's law" certainly someone at this point will call and distract from the established idyll. To prevent such an outcome, in Nokia phones use an Autonomous mode. The main thing – to understand how to enable and disable this optional ability.
How to disable offline mode Nokia
You will need
  • the Nokia.
Click on the top button "House", then select the "Settings" tab and go to a choice of modes. Change offline mode on normal.
Unplug the phone, pull the SIM card. After a short period of time insert the SIM card into the provided for this purpose in the telephone place. Reboot the phone and try to change offline mode on normal.
Take the phone to a service center, if all attempts to switch the device from offline mode to normal were unsuccessful.
Do not attempt to troubleshoot your Nokia phone, associated with the inability to switch modes! Take the unit to the experts, because only they can remedy the situation without compromising the future performance of the phone.
Useful advice
Initially, the offline mode option was created by developers of Nokia phone to view contacts, music, games, access the calendar and other information stored in the phone memory, in places where using mobile phones is prohibited. Offline connection with other operators of "closed" and all radio frequency signals between the telephone and cellular communication is blocked. Moreover, if the phone is offline, you cannot send a message it will be placed in the folder "Outbox" and only when you switch your device connection from offline mode to normal, the message will be sent to the recipient. However, in the telephone, translated offline, you can still make calls to emergency numbers that are programmed in the memory cell. But to make a call, select a different profile.

Advice 2 : How to remove offline mode

Program created for the Internet and with the Internet, can be used without a currently connected global network. This is "Offline mode" feature or the "Work offline". To get out of offline mode in the following way...
How to remove offline mode
Basically, in offline mode are switched browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.) or collectors mail (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.). In this mode working with Internet sites and mail accounts in the network is impossible.
Open a web browser. To cancel offline mode, open the menu "File" of any browser. Find the functionality to Work offline ("Work Offline") and uncheck it. Refresh the page. You can follow the links.
Open the mail fetcher. To disable offline mode, open the menu "File", find the line "work Offline", uncheck activation. Ready - you can send or receive e-mail.
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