How it looks when the connection is not happening:
• corresponding beeps followed by voice broadcasting that "the subscriber is temporarily unavailable";
• a short beep and the call drop;
• no beeps, signals, and messages – the silence and the call dropped.

If we exclude the fault of the phone or the sim card, there is one reason for the lack of connection disorders in the cellular communication. First we need to understand the mechanism of its work.

The essence of a mobile system based on the division of the area into several sectors ("cells"), which give the possibility to use radio frequency repeatedly. Moreover, the honeycomb, not "touching" each other, can use one frequency. The frequency that your phone depends on the quality of cellular communication.

When you make a call by pressing the button on your camera, it emits a radio signal that overcomes the thorny path from multiple instances (basic operator station, controller, switch etc.) until, until the start of the connection and the signal will not go back.

The modern system over the years perfected the process of cellular communication and now guarantee reliability and high speed connections. However the problem is still there. You probably can give examples of when lost connection – in the Elevator, in the basement, in the subway. The reason for this lies in the massive obstacles between your device and the base station. Often the signal can not overcome the body of the earth or even the thick walls, the connection can be broken in close location of the houses.

The causes of disruption of the network can be in a banal overload of the station. For example, at the time of the New year, all begin to call each other with greetings and holiday messages, as a result, stations or switches can not cope with the huge amount of signals, resulting in the possibility of connection with the desired subscriber becomes unlikely.

The connection can be broken due to changes in weather conditions the loss of large amounts of rain, thunder, hurricane.

It is impossible to exclude mechanical damage of the optical cable, the failure of the computers at the station.

Before you call the cellular company to which your phone is connected, check your device may reboot it will give the desired result. But even if nothing has changed, try not to worry and calmly explain to the operator what the problem is. The main task of any cell of the company is to provide communication services that meet client, and if there are any problems, they usually do not depend on the human factor, and are quite mobile.