Save all your important data – contacts, notes and SMS messages. Backup can be done via Ovi Suite, perform the synchronization via the relevant option in the menu. Also write down the names of the apps that are installed on your device, since after flashing all data will be deleted.
Before the operation, fully charge the camera battery charger that came in one package with the phone at purchase.

Download and install all the necessary programs on the computer. You will need to download Phoenix Service Software latest version (at least 2012.05.003.47798). Also you will need to download the Russian firmware that matches the version RM of the phone printed on the box of the device (for example, RM-558). The ID of the RM corresponds to the name of the market for which was released the camera, and the colors of the case.

Start the downloaded firmware file and perform installation in accordance with the instructions on the screen. Firmware is a common installation file that unpacks all the necessary data in the directory Program Files, but because of difficulties with the installation often arises. Also run the Phoenix installer to connect the phone to the computer.
Before upgrade close all antivirus programs and Ovi Suite.

The flashing procedure

Connect powered on phone to PC via cable mode Suite. You will begin to install drivers for flashing. After notification of the successful installation of the equipment, disconnect the device and turn it off. Connect powered off phone to computer and 1-2 times briefly press the power button. Will begin installing the new driver. If the installation fails, click on the relevant notice and manually specify the path to the driver file which is in folder "Local disk C:" Program Files(x86) – Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver.

Again unplug the unit from the computer, turn it on, and then connect to the computer. Run the Phoenix software using the shortcut on the desktop. In paragraph No connections, select the USB indicator RM corresponding to your device. Then go to File – Scan Product, and in the lower part of the program will appear the name of your firmware and data of the apparatus.

Click on Flashing – Firmware Update, where among the options given, select your RM code. Under the button SW Reset, click Options to open the settings window. In the list remove the tick from Dell. In the absence of changing any options is not necessary to make.

Click on the Refurbish button to start to flash the phone. Wait until the process without turning off and without touching the device until the notification and complete on the device. Nokia 5530 flashing complete.