If you are working in the most common browser is Internet Explorer, enable offline modeand go to menu "File" and select "Offline mode". Furthermore, next to this line appears the bird. Autonomous mode is enabled, you can view previously visited page. It should be noted that some of the pages visited are not stored in the cache, and viewing them in offline modee is impossible. The sites for later viewing you must specifically save.
To determine whether your browser is in offline modee is very simple – try to get any link. Then you should receive a warning window with the message that you are working in offline modee and a proposal to get out of it. Answer the offer or accept rejection, if you want to get out of Autonomous mode.
In other popular browsers the select stand-alone modeand is carried out in the same way – you must select in menu "File" the line "Offline mode" (in some browsers - "Work offline"). To exit Autonomous modeand clear the previously set option.
While working on the Internet enable offline modeand can be used not only to view pages without connecting to the network, but also to restrict traffic. Enabling offline mode, you can safely leave the computer without fear that in your absence from the opened pages will load ads or other unwanted content.
From the standpoint of ease of operation in Autonomous modee the undisputed leader is the Opera browser, where the button on / off offline modeand you can add to panel'. Clicking a button changes color, which is very convenient – enough one sight to understand, if the computer is in offline modei.e. in the same way you can put on an excellent location, and other useful interface elements – for example, the power button and select proxy.