Take tweezers or any sharp object to turn on Nokia without button. Remove from the body of the phone is non-working button. Take a flashlight or lift the phone to light. Carefully inspect the place of Posada buttons. You should see a hole in the hull, and charge with four contacts. Take the tweezers, a pin, a needle, or any other thin metal object. Lock any pair of contacts.
Observe the greatest caution. Do not put your metal object too far into the hole so as not to damage the Board phone. After you complete the contacts, the phone will turn on. Not to do this again, do not allow complete discharge of the battery and do not turn off the phone.
Remove the case from your phone, if you can't remove the button. Take a set of fine screwdrivers. Choose a suitable one and remove the mounting bolts. Then lift the back cover. Using a needle, tweezers or any other object remove the damaged button from the phone. Next, you'll need a soldering iron. It is desirable to use a soldering iron with a narrow tip, since there is almost jewelry work.
Insert the soldering iron into a power outlet and wait until it warms up. Then take resin or soldering flux. Dip them in the soldering iron and solder the button to the Board to include Nokia. Be careful. Be careful not to overheat the Board or button as they are made of plastic and can easily melt.
Also make sure that between the contacts of the left jumpers to avoid shorting. If you don't have a soldering iron, after you remove the button, simply close either pair of contacts, as described above. Hold the battery so it wouldn't slip. Secure the rear panel of the phone, lock the mounting bolts. Make sure that the phone is completely discharged and not turn it off.
Solder to the contacts on the Board of two not very long wiring to turn on Nokia without button. If the button is lost, this is the best option. Solder wires to the two contacts. Get them over the phone. When you want to turn the phone on, just lock these contacts.