Every mobile phone within a certain short period of time, sends a signal to the nearest radio station to the mobile operator know which SIM card used in the phone at the moment. When you enable offline mode, the device terminates the GSM reception signal from the mobile network operator, i.e. the device does not use a SIM.
Thus the inclusion of "airplane Mode" allows you to disable exchange phone wireless signal from the operator, which may be an obstacle for the equipment installed, for example, in airplanes and hospitals.
Mode also blocks access to the Internet and the use of such wireless technologies as Wi-Fi or GPS. The inclusion of Autonomous work phone positively affects the consumption of the battery device may not work much longer, since it is not required to use the available functions of the Internet, GSM and GPS.
Offline mode can be enabled via the appropriate menu in the settings. So to turn the option on Android phones you need to call "Settings" - "Wireless & networks" - "flight Mode". After applying the settings technology wireless data transfer will be disabled in the phone. Also in some models of Android devices can include lowering the top panel down the screen and selecting the icon "Flight" or "Offline".
On phones from Apple option is also enabled via the corresponding menu item "Settings" "flight Mode". To turn on the option, move the slider bar to the right. If you have Windows Phone, the configuration of the Autonomous mode will be executed in the menu "Settings" - "on the plane."
With this option enabled, you will be able to use most of the features of the device that do not use wireless technology. In standalone mode it is possible to play multimedia files, run applications (not using Internet), games. With the help of the phone you will be able to edit office documents, but you will not be able to connect a wireless keyboard based on Bluetooth technology.