The most common way to deter rats is to buy a cat. Yes, Yes... This is the most ancient and reliable method that's already proven for many thousands of years. Some members of the cat behave in relation to the rats is quite loyal, to put it mildly, I am lazy, so keep in mind that the cat must be breed of "rat-catchers".
No less effective means of rats is a trap. This method has certain drawbacks, as creatures can be much more than mousetraps in the house. Everything else, you yourself may accidentally fall into the trap. However, when the question of getting rid of rats and mice "becomes the edge, all good.
Buy some deadly poison from the rodent and apply their habitats. Today in specialized stores you can choose the right tool from the wide range. For example, you can choose "Goliath", which neutralizes the smell of dead animals. Smell-it eliminates but eliminates any threat of infection? That is another question.
Scare away the rats maybe scatter ashes in places where they are most often caught your eye. From this, the rats will be irritation on the feet, it is unlikely they will like it.
The best poison for obnoxious rodents can to prepare myself. To do this, mix one to one flour and gypsum. Then scatter the cooked mixture in the habitats of rats: burrows in the basement, etc. This tool will harden shortly after it will eat the unfortunate animal. This method may seem sadistic and sophisticated, but agree that the harm caused by rats can be much, much worse.
Effective in repelling rats are stems and seeds of the green hound. Scatter them in the right places. The smell of the plants really do not like pests, but not harm to you. Also in recent years become quite popular ultrasonic thingies that cause the rats to leave their permanent place of dwelling.