You will need
  • - bleach, ammonia or pepper spray;
  • - ultrasonic dog repeller;
  • tool "Antigadin".
Use the exceptional sharpness of the dog's sense of smell. Smell, which may seem like a man barely noticeable, for dogs is very strong. Once a week sprinkle along the fence a thin strip of bleach, or pour a solution of ammonia, or spray with pepper spray. Just a few hours "scent" will become so weak that you will stop paying attention to him. And dogs it would be off-putting for a long time. In addition to the fact odor, they will gradually conditional reflex: it is better not to go, here smells very bad. Possible treat not only the area along the fence, but the site itself.
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Can take advantage of the fact that dogs, unlike human, there are signals of ultrasonic frequency. They induce in them unpleasant, painful sensations and a feeling of fear. The device is specially designed to otvarivanija animals, and is called the "Repeller". They are portable and stationary. In the first case, such a device is very small, compact, easily fits in jacket pocket, jacket. In the second case, it is more and more massive, often combined with an infrared motion sensor is equipped with a variable frequency ULTRASONIC vibrations, so that it can be set not only for scaring the dogs, but also cats, rabbits and even birds. Some portable repellent device most effective at a distance of from 1 to 7 meters, fixed provide protection for the area 200-300 square meters.
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In a series of safe products developed by experts from the UK. The developers have called this episode "Get off my garden", that is "Away from my garden". In Russia she received the unofficial title of "Antigadin". Vehicle is being sold as a crystalline powder, spray and gel spray. Powder for one month emit odorous substances, scaring away dogs, while harmless to humans and the environment. Moreover, these substances stand out in any weather, even rainy. Sprays and gel sprays can be used in those places where you pour the powder difficult (e.g., recesses, tubes) and for destruction of dog tags.
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