Good protection against mosquitoes is a special clothing. Not one that you pick yourself, trying to avoid bites and special, which is sold in specialized stores. For her tailoring uses special material. He breathes, consists of upper and lower layers. The cut is such that the pants fit snugly to the ankles, and the cuffs of the sleeves cover the wrist. The head protects the hood with a mosquito net.

Processing area

Struggle against mosquitoes better not to attend when they already annoy, and early spring. There are firms specializing in the processing from biting. They are using powerful spray applied to the grass, trees, buildings insecticide. The method allows to protect against mosquitoes for several months.

The repellents of mosquitoes and mosquito bulb

There are many types of such devices. Some operate on the principle of kill mosquitoes, they just scare away. For example, a pretty good insect repellent is a special antimosquito lamp. Its radius range from 20 to 80 sq. m. the light shines in the ultraviolet range, attracting insects and working as a trap for mosquitoes. They fly to the source of the waves and die on the built-in lamp from mosquitoes high-voltage grid.

Mosquito repeller emits ultrasonic waves that mimics the beeping male mosquitoes. Hearing him, the blood-sucking females do not get close. The device operates within a radius of 30 to 50 sq. m.

The fumigators

They are various, for outdoor and indoor use. The first is the so-called pyrotechnic animals – spiral, candles, etc. When they ignited, it releases a substance repellent of mosquitoes. Also from mosquitoes in the country, you can use a battery-powered fumigator, it is usually attached to clothing or hand.

Indoor use be known to all of the device against mosquitoes, as the plug-in vaporizer. It is included in the socket by inserting the insecticide inside of the plate.

There are animals in which is screwed the container with liquid protokollerini means. The range is about 12 sq. m. If the plate quality, the device is completely safe, including for children. Of course, there are exceptions – cases of Allergy to the active substance.


Mosquitoes at the site have with each of the cottager. Therefore, almost all use such means as insect repellents. They can be in the form of sprays, gels, emulsions, lotions, creams. Sold bracelets, impregnated with the active substance. Depending on composition, are similar tools from 2 to 6 hours. Preferred aerosols from spray cans – they can be sprayed not only on the exposed areas of the body, but also for clothing.

Of course, such tools are very efficient but not particularly pleasant to be constantly applied to the body in a different kind of "chemistry". And smell like insecticides are usually not very good. Therefore, you can elect the alternative in the form of essential oils. Mosquito Horsch help anise oil, tea tree oil, clove, lavender etc. it is best to mix them with ordinary vegetable oil and lubricate the body and face.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes

The best folk remedy against mosquitoes – it's smoke. Spread the fire, throw it in a dry juniper twigs, cones, spruce or pine trees and enjoy the rest of the blood sucking fly up close.

Mosquito control in the house will have a chance to succeed if the room to fumigate camphor. Need to pour on a hot griddle camphor alcohol, and to distribute the pairs across the room, thus clearing away mosquitoes and flies.

Also knowledgeable people are advised to wet face and hands with a solution of karbolku (carbolic acid), Wheatgrass extract, garlic juice or decoction of vanilla they also do not stand the mosquitoes.

And still on the lot and the house can be planted geraniums, rosemary, mint, Basil and chamomile – blood-sucking don't like them.

If the mosquitoes have already bitten, it is a good remedy for bites – soda water, it is necessary to moisten the affected area. More recently the balm "Asterisk".