You will need
  • In order to walk the hamster, you do not need a lot of effort and materials. Need only a lot of care and desire.
For a start, asks: "CAN you walk a hamster?" Yes. But you need to know precautions. First you need to know that the hamster has grown accustomed to "field conditions". So it is the best option for a walk is a wide space. That is to walk the animal can home. In any case don't walk homco on the street! He can escape in that time, you will notice that it is already not close. If you choose to walk the house, check to see whether your house is small holes; if there is, repair it. You also need to remove all the sharp and tall items. A hamster can be cut and fall, was injured. Be sure to watch where you run your animal. Don't take my eyes off him, otherwise he loses.
Another option walks possible with a special leash for hamsters. Do not use leashes for Jungar breed as you just don't put it on his leash - hamster-"gungari" is too small.
Once you put it on homco the leash, check whether the pinkie crawls between them. If the hamster closely at the leash - he will karabkatsya and squeaking, if the leash tightened slightly animal just running away. Therefore, make sure that it was convenient.
Also sold a special so-called "walking balls". This is a bowl with small holes for air. The meaning of - "he opened the ball - let-hamster - closed ball and let the rolls". In fact, these balls were designed for rats, not hamsters. Homa in this ball will feel a little weird, karabkatsya paws on the wall of the ball to get out. Opinions on this diverge ball - some believe that this is the most convenient option of walking with beast, others think it's just a mockery of the animals. I think that really, the hamster is awkward and uncomfortable in this balloon, but it can only be used in extreme cases - if you have no time to walk the hamster , etc.
Ball to walk your hamster