You will need
  • - flares;
  • - gas cartridges;
  • - firecrackers.
Bears rarely attack people, but try to do better to avoid meeting with the beast, than to try to run him off. It is advisable to travel with a big company, lots of noisy people scare the animals. Do not walk on the trails - bears blaze her own trail, but still, it is a track or human. Possible move on a flat and open area. This will allow you to identify the beast and to avoid contact with him.
Try to publish as much noise. Stomp, talk, laugh, sing, knock branches. Bears are very cautious and will not approach to a large group of people. Set up camp away from trails. Natural obstacles such as piles of rocks, fallen trees, ravines can serve you as protection from bears. The animal will not be wasting energy on overcoming obstacles. Do not leave behind trash and food residues, bear a very good nose and he can hunt you down.
Garbage you have to burn, and the remaining food to throw into the river. In this case, you will not bring litter the area, feed fish and not attract the attention of bears. Do not approach a dead animal or a beached fish. This may be the prey of wild beasts, which they will defend from you. You can meet bears, do not approach or attempt to pet the cubs. Their mother nearby, and she may interpret your actions as a threat to the bear.
If you still notice the bear, try to avoid it in a wide arc. The beast will understand that you don't represent any danger to him. The animal can stand on his hind legs, he attempts to best treat you. Bears are very curious, for fun, the beast that can follow you. Stray a tight group and hold it up backpacks. Bear scares something bigger than himself. An aggressive animal is configured to hold gas cans, firecrackers or flares.