You will need
    • Heavy cream (33-35% fat) – 250 ml.
    • Sugar or sugar powder – 30 g
    • A wide bowl.
    • Whisk or mister.
    • Ingredients to taste: vanilla
    • spices.
For whipping cream, use at least 33% fat, as the fat stabilizes the foam. The question often arises, how to whip cream 20% or 10% fat – unfortunately, this alone will not beat – need to use proteins, gelatin or other thickener, which is also possible, but then we don't get pure product.
Before whisking as it should refrigerate the cream itself, as well as a bowl that you will use, and Corolla – at least 2 hours in refrigerator, preferably 10 hours to Beat with a mixer on the lowest speed, but the Corolla allows you to achieve the best results, as in this case, the cream gets more air. But of course with a mixer you will blend faster. To use the blender and cups for cocktails are not recommended.
Pour the cream into a large bowl and start whisking.
After you partially whipped cream, and they zagustel, add the necessary ingredients: sugar, vanillin and so on. They should be introduced gradually, so as not to lose volume. It is recommended to use sugar instead of powdered sugar.