You will need
    • 250 ml heavy cream;
    • 2-3 teaspoons of granulated sugar or sifted powdered sugar;
    • gelatin ( as required);
    • juice of 1/4 lemon ( optional);
    • the leaves of fresh mint or lemon balm.
Select cream: pasteurized, fresh, at least 30% fat. You can use a special cream with a note on the packaging "For whipping". Suitable vegetable cream, but they differ in taste from the natural.
Well cool cream: a minimum of 2-3 hours before whipping, place the bag in the refrigerator. But not in the freezer - frozen cream can delaminate in the cooking process. Pre-cool all the necessary utensils, whisk, etc. Place in a large bowl of ice - you put the container with the cream when you whip.
You can whip cream with a whisk or with a mixer. Do not use a blender: the blades disrupt the structure of cream - even if the foam will work, it can be ragged and quick to settle.
Whisk whisk in a circular motion in one direction, gradually increasing speed. Manually you'll have to whisk longer, but the finished cream will be more consistency and more elaborate, as in the cream so you will get more air.
With a mixer start whipping the cream at a very slow speed, gradually increasing speed. As soon as the cream starts to thicken, slow down the speed of the mixer to a complete stop. Do not change temp more than 3-4 minutes. If you just quickly whip instead of whipped cream, you can get the oil.
Once the whisk starts to leave marks on the surface of the cream, and they will be voluminous and fluffy - add sugar or powdered sugar. Sprinkle a thin stream and keep whisking!
Readiness define visually: the cream should keep good form, on the rim to form a so-called "soft peak" (or "nose"). Try the weight of a finger - when the hole stops tightened, everything ready. Can beat to "stiff peaks", to taste a product will resemble cream from cans.
Well prepared whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours. If you do not observe the rules of beating, after a few hours the mass may settle or bleed. To lengthen storage time and to increase durability of the cream, use stabilizers, but they can affect the taste. Special gelatin or hardener to add the cream as soon as you begin to form foam. Preheat the gelatin, stir until dissolved and cool. Mix with cream only to the cold solution. Other binders (available in powder) cook and add to the cream strictly according to the instructions on the package.
You can mount the cream with lemon juice. To do this, add the juice of 1/4 of a lemon 200 ml cream, when it will begin to form foam. Keep in mind that this case will not classic whipped cream: in appearance they are similar, but the taste is not.
If you are unable to find the cream of the desired fat content, try to beat 20% in 2 stages. First, the maximum whip the chilled cream, i.e. to a state of weak foam and put the dishes in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. During this time, the surface will rise the most oily part of the cream. Tilt the bowl with the cream and allow to drain excess fluid. Remaining in ware mass beat until desired consistency.
If the cream in the process start to flake - just stop whisking and put them on a clean sieve. As soon as drain the excess liquid, can once again begin to churn. If the problem persists, then the cream was a liquid or warm, whip them into a foam will not work. But if you continue to beat them with a wooden spatula to get the oil.