You will need
    • Whipped cream:
    • cream 30% -33% 500 ml;
    • powdered sugar 50 g;
    • vanilla sugar (powder) 5 g
    • Whipped cream with condensed milk:
    • cream 38-42% 350 g;
    • sugar-half Cup;
    • Bank of condensed milk.
    • Chocolate ice cream:
    • chocolate 100 g;
    • sugar 60 g;
    • milk 100 ml;
    • cream 250 ml.
Cream from different manufacturers are slightly different, try the product several brands and choose the ones you like best. Look at the composition of the cream, it is better to buy those that do not contain additives and fillers. The product must be fresh, if it soured, airy dessert will not work.
Before preparing the cream to cool. They should stand at least six hours in the refrigerator, and in the summer you can leave them for a day. All the items and utensils that will touch the product, also cool.
Take a large bowl and pour into it the ice, add a little cold water. In large pot put small, in which you'll be able to whip. Pour the cream into a bowl. Use thin frame blender or food processor. It is possible to act manually with a whisk. Start whisking at the minimum speed of the device, gradually increase the speed.
Instead of sugar is better to take the powder. Pour it in a thin stream while whisking. When you see the cream hold shape, not dyed, finish work. Add the vanilla sugar to impart a delicious flavor to the dessert.
If you add cream, condensed milk, will make for a great cream that you can apply for a layer of cake. Connect the cream with half Cup of fine sugar. Beat the products with a mixer. When the mixture starts to thicken, add the condensed milk (natural, no added vegetable oil, manufactured according to GOST). Beat the mass until the formation of a strong thick foam.
Ice cream lovers will appreciate the delicious dessert that you can make for yourself. Chop chocolate, place in a bowl and dip dishes with pieces of the product in hot water. When the chocolate melts, add twenty grams of sugar, one hundred milliliters of milk and stir. Whisk the cream, powdering them in the remaining sugar. Connect the chocolate mixture and whipped cream. The resulting mass freeze. Instead of chocolate use cocoa powder and sugar (40 grams of each ingredient).